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The attacks are severe, as many of the victims find themselves isolated, without any obvious solutions. togetherforhumanrights have done the job for you, and made this information easily accessible, so you can make a complaint  yourself, in case your dignity is violated by the authorities.



Violations on the Human Rights are serious crimes, and should be reported to Human Rights organizations and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights. 

Here you can find some advice and guidelines for making your complaints, urging international authorities to intervene in your own situation and in the country's situation as a whole.



are committed by Norwegian authorities, especially minority groups, such as persons with a multi -cultural, -lingual and/or -racial background, intellectuals, political dissidents, people in interracial/cultural relationships, people with dissabilities, ADHD and human rights supporters.

Read to see what International Law says about these crimes.




History shows us various examples similar to those witnessed in Norway today, on individual rights being exploited by authorities as means of gaining power.


Forceful removal of children from political opponents, was also a government plan during the "Dirty War" in Argentina, and under Franco in Spain, to avoid future generations of dissidents.

Similar tactics were used by Nazi-Germany, as a part of Germanization, Nazi eugenics and Intellectualzation, to weaken communities considered to be a threat to power, or genetically and culturally inferior.



Norwegian authorities are systematically violating the human rights, International Law, such as the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, The European Convention on Human Rights and UN treaties. Political dissidents, and various minority groups are targetted by despicable means.

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artists for dignity

¤"For reasons I do not understand, three police-officers and the CPS came unnannounced to my door, and forced me to go to the doctor. The authorities forced themselves into the doctor's office with me."

¤"My lawyer was frequently having telephone conversations with the opponent behind my back. He called me an intellectual, and made no defence, rather the contrary, in court."

¤"When I was a child, the CPS forcefully removed me from my home. They threatened me with that if I ever got a child, they would be back. I am very fearful of starting my own family."

¤"They have gotten all my medical records."

¤"I was tricked to undersign my children into state-custidy."

¤"They took our children illegally, and separated them to different, hidden adresses. We were forced to undergo an evaluation by their own expert, stating that if we did not willingly hand our children to the state, we would see them less than every other month."

¤"My uterus was openly dicussed in court."

¤"They illegally took my daughter from me at the hospital, claiming I would bring her to an other country. After three years, I am still fighting to get her back, now they claim there is no bond between us. I cannot eat or sleep, or have a normal life".

¤"My house has been ransacked twice for no reason without  warning or court-order, we are a normal family."

¤"I was arrested without reason and denied information about the arrest."

What are Human Rights Violations?


You are not alone.

Here you can find some links to other web-sites that offer support and information, and where you also can share your story and find others in a similar situation.

A note to media: Norwegian translates into comprehensible English with Google Translate.


As you are reading this, a child, a mother, a father is concidering suicide. The pain caused by the authorities is for most of the victims unbearable.

Make a difference today, by urging Amnesty International, the United Nations and other human rights protectors to intervene.

Amnesty International can be contacted at More information can be found here:

Contact information to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights here:



is defined by the fact that authorities, as well as most of the citizens, keep protecting state interests, rather than laws and rights of the individual, the courts included. Unfortunately many people see similar characteristics in Norway.

More about totalitarianism here:

Our philosophy

is based on the inherited dignity of the human person, as defined in the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the right to freedom to be one self, free from fear, connected to one's beloved ones.  We serve as an international, independent, non-profit



Our aim

is to shed light on crimes committed by Norwegian authorities,  nationally as well as internationally, and to empower the victims by sharing information on International Law, and advice on how to complain about the crimes committed, in order to end the the atrocities occurring right now in the country of Norway.


How do the Norwegian authorities violate human rights and the human dignity of children, parents and elders?

Show your support:


is a project for the promotion of free expression and the freedom of opinion in Norway, as well as it gives artists a chance to offer their support to victims of power-abuse. Many families have been threatened to silence when trying to express opinions other than those supporting the state of Norway. Artists for Dignity can act as a catalysts for awakening the desire of free expression in others who have been suppressed and forgotten their "voice".


Express yourself to life!





Every day, children are forcefully taken from their families in the small country of Norway -without a court order, denied contact with their loved ones, without  any proof of neglect.

The Norwegian policy of forceful child removal, shows high death-rates. Every week children die an unnatural death in state custody, according to numbers from the NIBR report.


For years great efforts have been made to change the callous policy, yet the horrors are escalating.

Massive campaigns for foster-care have been launched after the publications of the death numbers, as well as several rulings from The European Court of Human Rights for violation of family life, and critic from the United Nations for too many children in state custody.

Do you want to share your story of suppression, or do you have evidence of power abuse/human rights violations that you want to publish or show to international authorities, please feel free to use the contact form

As national media does not allow insight in the cruel treatment of targeted families, people desperately post their stories of persecution on social media.

Propaganda and un-ethical research in Norway today, followed by aggressive foster-care recruitment and pseudo science:

Norwegian terror in international media

Many nationalities are affected by the Norwegian policy of forceful removal of children from their homes, and denied contact with their loved ones. International impacts:




The removal of a family-member, denying the rest of the family knowledge about and contact with the family-member, is considered as the worst possible form of terror, according to internationa law.

We saw this in effect in the Nuremberg trials, as well as the Nuremberg Principles that point out the individual's responsibility for what they do, even when ordered to.

Acting out of orders do not count as a legal excuse, and every one acting even with the consent of a government official is personally responsible for what they choose to  contribute to.


Enforced disappearances will always constitute crimes against humanity, the most serious crimes possible, without a statute of limitation. Persons contributing to enforced disappearance will be personally responsible for the crimes they have committed, for the rest of their lives.



Families that are victimized by enforced or involuntary disappearance should report the abduction to The United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disppearance.



"Stop Barnevernet" has started a Facebook campaign to inform, show support to victims and to oppose the discrimination of family life in Norway.

Join the campaign, also supported by togetherforhumanrights; I's easy! 

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